You Deserve to Know How You’re Really Doing

Do you use tele-fundraising already? Have you ever wondered …

  • Am I getting the best results?
  • Am I using the right call center for my cause and my program type?
  • Am I paying more than other charities?
  • Can I raise more money through telemarketing?
  • How can I reduce the risk or structure fees based on my needs?

Contact Us to arrange a conversation about how TM 360 Audit™ can help your organization.

Here’s what you’ll receive in a TM 360 Audit — 

  • Assessment of your current program results vs. industry benchmarks
  • A review of your call center pricing, contract terms, services, report formats and data handling
  • New, integrated options like online gift processing, email pledge fulfillment, direct mail to specific segments and more
  • Analysis of your donor file to find potential untapped incremental revenue to boost your TM programs
  • Finally, a set of recommendations items like phone scripts, file segmentation, new payment methods, enhanced pledge fulfillment strategies, etc.