High-Value Donor Retention Made Easy

A recent survey indicated an alarming number of small to medium-sized charities are neglecting to cultivate and retain their most valuable donors.  Some reported they didn’t know how much revenue was “leaking out the bottom of their bucket.” Other NGOs  didn’t know how to plug the leaks or  find staff resources to focus on donor retention.  Very few external suppliers are interested in small volume donor care work.

Contact Us to arrange a conversation about how Loyalty+™ can help your organization.

Loyalty+ is an integrated donor care service tailored to small and medium-sized organizations. Loyalty+ includes:

  • Developing a comprehensive high-value donor care strategy for your budget & generating a significant ROI right from the start
  • Managing the monthly programs at a fraction of the cost of internal staff
  • Timely “thank you” calls and letters to new monthly sustainers and other high-value donors
  • Contacting monthly donors who cancel their monthly gift or whose monthly payment was declined
  • Contacting monthly donors whose credit card will expire the next month or who have stopped giving for any reason
  • Renewing the financial support of lapsing mid & major donors
  • Measuring the value of your organization’s high value-donor retention program

Plus, there’s no monthly file size minimum.  Send 500 records one month and 50 the next.  As we said, it’s “tailored” for small NGOs.

Protect the investment you’ve made to acquire monthly and other high-value donors.  Minimize attrition in your monthly donor file and retain more donors.  Your Loyalty+ program will more than pay for itself and require minimal effort on your part to run. We do most of the work for you.

Loyalty+ is a turnkey donor care and retention service that cost-effectively integrates personalized (live) phone calls, letters, emails and postcards.