Major Donor & Planned Gift Lead Feeder Program

Discovery+ ™  is a unique call center-centric program (with mail and email as necessary) designed to uncover major donor and planned gift prospects in your file.  Specially trained donor care callers, using proven communication strategies, learn and explore why a donor is interested in your cause.  Every gift officer knows the two basic drivers of high value giving – capacity to give and interest or personal affiliations. Discovery+ delivers better-qualified major donor and planned gift leads to your gift officers based on the size of their caseload.

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Publicly available wealth information can be difficult or expensive to obtain – especially in Canada.  But no matter where your donors live it’s critical for charities to learn key personal/family/financial details about prospects to build a relationship and a plan to solicit them.  There’s no better way than the old fashioned way – by asking questions, conversing with them at length on the phone – with no interest or plan to solicit during the calls. The information gathered during these personal calls enhances donor profiles, facilitates targeted cultivation by gift officers, and uncovers additional bequest/planned giving prospects.

Our approach answers the need to raise cash donations while cultivating longer-term planned gifts.

To further qualify and prioritize prospects, Discovery+TM  includes options for additional online research to discover more information about donors, their interests and affiliations.